Tom Hicks
Tom Hicks is a California attorney specializing in water rights and instream water transfers, among other real property matters. He has represented and appeared on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants in state and federal courts, and has directly represented clients in settlement negotiations, depositions, mediation, special master, and trial settings.

Tom founded the California Water Law Symposium and is a board member. He is also a former whitewater raft guide and Colorado Outward Bound instructor. Tom holds a JD from the University of San Francisco School of Law and a BA from the University of Vermont.

Patrick Huber, PhD
Patrick Huber is a Conservation Scientist in the Department of Environmental Design at the University of CA, Davis. He uses technical tools and analyses to link science and policy for protecting and restoring landscapes. Patrick has worked on numerous projects in recent years, including regional advance mitigation planning with the state of California; reserve design in the Blue Ridge – Berryessa Natural Area; planning for tule elk reintroduction in California’s Central Valley; assessing road impacts to mountain lions in southern California; landscape connectivity modeling in the Central Valley; and assessment of sustainable global sourcing strategies for Mars, Inc.

Patrick holds a PhD in Geography from the University of CA, Davis. His dissertation work focused on spatial scale and conservation planning. Patrick also earned a BA in Philosophy from the University of Chicago.

Edward Stanton
Edward Stanton is the Southwest Michigan Land Steward at The Nature Conservancy. Edward has two decades of experience in the evaluation, establishment, and stewardship of ecological conservation areas throughout North America, including 14 years in California. He has conducted long-term ecological studies on endangered species and practiced integrated pest management in both agricultural and natural ecosystems. Edward also has extensive experience writing conservation easements, baseline reports, and management plans, particularly in relation to threatened and endangered species.

Edward holds a BS in Biology from West Chester University of Pennsylvania and an MS in Ecology from the State University of New York-College of Environmental Science and Forestry.

James Thorne, PhD
Jim Thorne is a Research Scientist at the University of CA, Davis Department of Environmental Science and Policy. He has been involved in the study and planning of natural resources for over 20 years and has vast experience throughout California. Jim’s areas of expertise include landcover and land-use mapping; climate change; biogeography; and regional planning. He has been an innovator in integrating mitigation into regional conservation designs, and works with planners and decision-makers at all levels of government and the private sector.

Jim holds a PhD from the University of CA at Davis, an MA in Geography from UC Santa Barbara, and a BA in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Cruz.


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